🎥 [Platform] Release 1.2.0 Pre-View Video

Check out this video about the upcoming release 1.2.0, which will be published in the next few days:

More about Platform:


Vertical Centre :slight_smile: you should release it as a general stack - You’ve made it so simple , there’s a huge gap for this !! I can’t believe its been missed for so long. I know of one but its part of a much bigger stack and a bit daunting for a lot of ppl.
Will the platform stack work out side of Platform ?

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That’s a great suggestion.

I have not tested it outside of Platform but if you ignore the warning header in edit mode, you can drop it onto any page and test. I’m keen to hear your feedback!

will playwith as soon as the update comes out.
I was on a video meet the other day with other RWers , and this was mentioned , the lack of a simple vertical centre available on RW as a stack . Some excellent updates on Platform

Launch tomorrow evening at around 6pm CEST :sunglasses:

Stay cool!

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@leigh you should look at BigWhiteDucks SectionsPro, it’s been out for years and can position any content anywhere.


This thread is about a Platform announcement :persevere:

So again for people who are interested in Platform:

Feature release 1.2.0 will be launched tomorrow evening at around 6pm CEST

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I did not know you own this thread. I think it’s pretty fair to have @PaulRussam comment on this.


I might have been a bit too sensitive there. I apologise, @PaulRussam

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