🎥 [Platform] New Video: Hero PLUS Tutorial

(J. Barth) #1

There is a new video about Platform available:

Hero PLUS - tutorial

(Hector) #2

Trying to download from Youtube but Downie keeps getting error!

Tried 2nd Video downloader and same thing!

Is video geo locked?
Have had no problems with your other videos.

Can you post another download link?

(Dave Farrants) #3

Download works fine with ClipGrab.

(Hector) #4

Thanks, It worked!

(r) #5

Hi, does Platform work on Rapidweaver 7.5 and stacks 3?

(J. Barth) #6

Platform was initially developed on this combo and although I have used RW 8 exclusively since late May, I don’t see why It shouldn’t.