🌶 [Platform] Release 1.2.3 has been published today

Platform maintenance release 1.2.3 has been published today

  • Modal - in advanced mode content width can be adjusted and close button position is selectable
  • Gallery - fixed a display issue in edit mode
  • PowerBar - now has an extra optional drop zone
  • Hero - removed bottom padding on “Large” setting
  • Image - additional Max.-Width option in Fixed Sizing (use this with the new drop zone in PowerBar!)
  • Multiple stacks - received a diet and now have a smaller payload
  • Compatibility - Platform now plays nicer with third-party stacks
  • Compatibility - improved compatibility with Markdown/Scribe
  • Small bug fixes

If you like Platform, please consider to leave a Like or even a short review over at the RapidWeaver Community site: https://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/stacks/platform


There is also a video about what’s included in Platform here:


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