Platform: 1.0.1 Update Available 🤠


Platform update 1.0.1 has just been released. Here are the changes:

  • Button & Button Group: new features to omit link & to remove border
  • Modal & QuickView: added field to change z-index, background-scrolling can be changed, fixed jump-to-top, fixed compatibility issue with PowerBar
  • PowerBar: added field to change z-index
  • FontAwesome upgraded to 5.8.2

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There seems to be a small issue with the updater, it seems to “hang” if you update Platform. However, it performs the update correctly though… Sorry for this, I am looking into it…

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I can confirm that the update does work, although the Stacks updater appears to fail. :scream:

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OK, I checked back with Isaiah, and it turns out that actually everything works.

However, there is a timeout of 15 seconds built into the Stacks updater for the download which causes the behaviour you saw.

I moved the download file to a server with faster internet connection. Hopefully this resolves the issue.

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May I have a suggestion? Please add Instagram and Youtube to the Social buttons in the next update!


Hi Johan, thanks for your suggestion and I will add it in the next round!


Great! Looking forward to the next update!

Hi Johan,

regarding a possible YouTube button: the purpose of the Social Buttons stacks is to promote a site, page or link on the particular social media.

If you want to place YouTube content on your Platform page, there is already a stack which can do that, the Video Embed stack.

Or did I incorrectly understand your request?

Thanks for the update! Is the Tile stack still coming?

Yes, the Tile stack has not been forgotten :innocent: It still needs some work to keep up with the other stacks in Platform…


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