PlayLister from Stacks4Stacks

PlayLister has been working well since I started to use it for my music files. Suddenly, it stopped showing on my website which is unfortunate for my users to put it mildly. I have been through the set up over and over again without finding the flaw. I guess the more one looks the “blinder” one gets. If somebody out there would like to give me a hand I should very much appreciate it. The site is Kindly let me know what kind of additional info you need.

The page is locked with PageSafe. Can’t really help without seeing the page.

What exact page is it supposed to be on? The home page? Elsewhere?

On your Tenor page it says:

Directory ‘audio’ not found!

So the Playlister stack is definitely showing (at least on that page). That’s not the problem. Either you put in the directory address incorrectly. Or it was done correctly but you change the location of the folder (or deleted it accidentally or on purpse: don’t know which).

Check the stack for “setup mode”. I use simple warehouse: you may use something different.

Then check the relative path you put in (if using simple warehouse). At any rate something is amiss in your setup for where the audio files live.

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