Site went sideways

I modified a track in my audio playlist on the Main page of my website. It’s supposed to look like this:

instead it looks like this:

Anyone have any idea why this is happening? or not? Thanks in advance.

Give a Url?

You have major JS issues with the audio player I believe. As of my screenshot below, it was 61 errors and counting.

Thank you! I will un install and re install it.

I tried doing an un install and it still shows up. I just recently dumped the Playlister stack altogether, republished the site and still see the Playlister with no background image of a large mixing console. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.


I don’t have the Playlister stack and I’m not familiar with how it is setup.

You said you dumped the Playlister stack altogether, but I’m still seeing JS code from it on your page. Is there a Playlister stack still on your page somewhere? Perhaps in a Partial?

I just tried dumping both of them and it still shows up.


Sounds like one for @willwood?

Some serious code spaghetti going on in that website!

First error:

TypeError: $(...).offset(...) is undefined

Line #82:

var topoffset = $(".stacks_in_p392_n7_page0eternityContainer").offset().top;

in stacks_page_page0.js

Second error:

InvalidStateError: An exception was thrown

Line #1 in foundation.min.js

After those two errors, you get the repeating audio is undefined error. This can best be summarised as meaning the PlayLister stack has ceased working at the point it tries to fetch the timing duration for the audio tracks. Possibly as a result of those first two Javascript errors in the page.

Let’s troubleshoot from the halfway point:-

  1. Does the page function correctly in RapidWeaver Preview? If you see a difference between the offline and online versions, then your problem lies with the publishing or the hosting server being incompatible with something you are trying to do.

  2. Have you deconstructed and rebuilt the page? Tested against variables like swapping the theme or omitting certain stacks to try and find a point of replication? Sandboxes or test sites are your friend here.

  3. Was this working for you and then it stopped working after you changed something. Do you recall what that change(s) was? A settings change, a content changing, adding something new to the page? Updating something?

the “.stacks_in_p392_n7_page0eternityContainer” is a class name created by the Eternity 2 stack from doobox. The jQuery call looks for an element with that class name, but does not find it and crashes when trying to use it. The rest of the errors are most likely caused by an incomplete initialisation and can probably be ignored.

Try removing the Eternity2 stack and see what happens.

I changed one of my audio demos in Playlister. That’s all I tried to change first and then everything sort of fell apart after that. I will try removing the Eternity2 stack and see if that makes a difference. Thank you all!

I just uninstalled Eternity2 and republished the site. It still shows the Playlister which seems like a software cockroach- it just won’t go away. I also un installed it and it still shows up! Am I better off just blowing up the site and starting over? Thanks.

Are you remembering to refresh the page after each republish and are you clearing your browser cache to see the latest changes? We don’t know what web browser you are using, but it might be worthwhile checking in the browser documentation or support website if you are unsure about how to clear your browser cache.

If you make another change to the page (like some text) do those changes show up? If not, then that indicates you are publishing the website to someplace else, and you may need to carefully review your publishing settings.

And if you are using any server-based caching services (like Cloud Flare) don’t forget to purge the caches there too. Otherwise changes you make may not show for some hours.

So far as “blowing up the site and starting over” I don’t know exactly what that expression means. But guidance has already been provided to you about the necessity of trying to troubleshoot this matter yourself (because it is not effecting anyone else). Duplicating or creating a new project file to test against can aid you in this and help narrow the problem down. It is easy to copy and paste stacks between project files using the normal keyboard shortcuts.

It is also going to be beneficial for you to speak with you hosting company about making the website secure with site security certificate, so the website address always begins https. Most better web hosting companies do this for free. I only mention this because some browsers (like Chrome) instinctively block insecure content and may start presenting additional warnings to site visitors.

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