Playlister 2 Is Now Available!

If you’re seeking to incorporate a powerful and flexible audio playlist within your RapidWeaver website, the Playlister stack is an absolutely essential tool for the job. Developed exclusively for RapidWeaver (in partnership with some experts from the audio and music industry) Playlister is simple to setup; giving your website users the perfect combination of a fully responsive audio player that is easy to use and will work just about anywhere! Playlister can be extensively styled to match your existing RapidWeaver themes and Font Awesome icon buttons ensure everything remains crystal-clear on retina displays too.

Key features

  • Simple to use and make it look like your own with dozens of customisable style and colour controls
  • Three setup modes for sourcing your MP3 files; Stacks, a web directory of MP3 files or a CSV file
    containing track data
  • Compatible with lots of different web browsers, tablets and mobile devices
  • No caps on the number or duration of MP3 files added to Playlister
  • Additional information can be provided with each track, like longer descriptions and purchase buttons
  • Retina-display compatible album artwork and Font Awesome icon buttons
  • Lightweight codebase for faster page loading Basic copy protection applied (stops people right-clicking and saving MP3 files in their web browser)
  • Automatically split the playlist into multiple columns, while painting the correct ordering of items
  • Ability to embed the player interface elsewhere in the page, like an ExtraContent or FreeStyle container

Playlister 2 is a FREE UPDATE for all existing users of the (former StackManiac) Playlister stack. To request your 100% coupon code, simply please get in contact with proof of purchase attached (e.g. Paypal receipt, invoice). A video tutorial, free downloadable demo version, a working example and all the documentation can be located on the Playlister webpage.

Playlister requires Stacks 3 and RapidWeaver 6.


Instant purchase… thanks you !

Fantastic new addition to the Stacks universe.

This is such an amazing stack. It is so versatile too, he made it so flexible that it works with Total CMS by Joe Workman out of the box. Great job Will!

You can see a test of it with Total CMS here:

Excellent stack!!!

This is awesome stuff! Congrats @willwood!

Would love to see a video playlist stack (that integrates with a CMS) as well. :smiley:

Many thanks for all the positive feedback about Playlister 2 - much appreciated!

@Aaron You may recall promising me to fix this so I can add more than 1 Stack/page. Will has fixed this nicely with this version - now would to also be able to integrate it with Easy CMS.
Regards Ken

Hey Ken, that is correct. As you can see, Will has totally taken Stack Maniac’s products to the next level and beyond!

Well done, RealMac !

Actually Playlister is developed by myself, not Realmac Software. You can find all my stacks here and all my RapidWeaver themes here.

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@Aaron Agree that Will has done a great job. There doesn’t appear to be any limit to the number of Playlists on a page. I’ve done quite a lot of work/testing with Easy CMS and think it would be a bit tricky without Text Input fields (outside of Javascript) that a user could update/input on the CMS Admin Page. I’ve tried using the Workman Macros on other Stacks with similar ‘linking’ and it doesn’t work.

Thanks for the feedback!

I did get a message from @joeworkman last week via Twitter with the suggestion that I could “add a simple setting to the stack to make integration between the 2 a piece of cake”, referring to Playlister and his CMS stacks. I replied immediately with my email address and the offer to update the Playlister stack. However I’ve not had any reply from Joe yet with the details of what I need to do. I am very open to suggestions for making simple changes to Playlister that will promote its usefulness to a wider audience and make integration with other products even easier. But I need some official guidance on exactly what needs adding to Playlister.

The new ProGallery stack (released today as a free public Beta) also borrows some code from Playlister - with particular reference to the PHP code I wrote to fetch and embed files from web directories or CSV spreadsheet files. So possibly whatever improvements are made to Playlister (in relation to MP3 files and Joe’s CMS stacks) is likely to also be of relevance to image / video galleries built using the ProGallery stack.

I got busy at the end of last week with my updates. I will get back to you with all of the details this week.

@joeworkman Trust your simple solution will apply to “EASY” cms.

I’ve released version 2.2.0 of Playlister stack this morning. One very noteworthy feature added in this most recent update is support for Joe Workman’s Total CMS. You can select Total CMS from the list of existing setup modes, and provide the ID for your Depot and Image CMS. This will permit you to feed in MP3 files into your Playlist via Total CMS. The image, name, tile and additional info will be shared over all the playlist items. This new feature would be of benefit to users already maintaining sites with Total CMS, and wanting a method to manage playlists remotely outside of RapidWeaver.

This is a free update for all existing Playlister users, available via automatic updates in Stacks or from your Paddle locker. Joe informs me he’s planning on recording a video tutorial that will discuss Total CMS and Playlister integration in detail.


Wow, sweet update!! Cool to see two developers work together like this to improve products for the users!! Excellent work Will!!!

Sweet! You did a great job on this stack, I am glad that we were able to work together to make this integration really nice.

Looks terrific! Does this Stack have a “shuffle play” option, either hidden or visible? I see “loop” but how about random?
Also is there an example somewhere showing the purchase buttons?
If I have a playlist of 25-30 songs, a few each from 6-7 records, can I have a “purchase song” button and “purchase album” button appear while a given song is playing? the button would go through to eg. filesprout.

Fantastic when I installed and after brief email exchange a new feature was added. Truly outstanding.

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Looks great. Quick question though. Doesn’t look like Playlister (at least the demo stack) allows for the Simple Warehouse option when using mp4 (AAC) audio. Couldn’t get it to work until I converted to mp3. Is this the correct fucntionality or am I perhaps doing something wrong. Thanks.

As a follow up I realize that I can just change the extension name to .mp3 I don’t actually have to convert.