.png files all seem to be non-transparent in RW7!?

Only recently updated to RW7 and are finding lots of instances where previous AOK transparent .png files are now displayed with a solid white background. Really annoying and cannot seem to find a solution. I’ve looked at the properties and made sure that solid bg is not selected and played about with shadows, etc. but I can’t seem to find a way of restoring the transparent option that’s desired. I’m sure it must be something simple that I’m overlooking… Help! Thanks in advance.

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Is the selected theme the same?

I didn’t change theme but I’ll have to check… If might have been the same theme in several cases. I’ll try and check and then the thing to do is check with the theme developer! Actually I know one was inside a stack in N Spire Deux from Nick Cates and another one was Prelude (which is a BLT one) I think I had it in another one which must have been different as I’ve only used these two once, but I’d need to check. Just thought it was very weird that they would have changed after the update anyway…

Yes, this has been an issue for me as well.

Were you ever able to figure out a fix?

TBH it was so long ago I don’t recall what fixed it. I think I probably just updated and it went away but it’s not an issue now. I don’t think there was anything specific that caused it. Sorry I can’t say more.

According to this thread, if you re-size it in RW, it becomes non-transparent. I don’t have any personal experience with this behaviour, but perhaps that is what’s happening?

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