RW6 -> RW7, Most pictures are white after update of project file

After updating to RW 7 most pictures are only shown as a black frame with white filling, only the pictures which I added at last are shown correctly. When I open the preview instead every picture is shown as it should be.
I took a look into the project file and had to notice that there are no data folders and accordingly no pictures in the folder. Howsoever in RW6 the pictures aren’t in the project file either but can be seen in editing and preview mode aswell.
Has anyone an idea what’s wrong. I would really hate to insert every picture manually
Thanks and regards

Can’t believe there was no answer to this problem. I finally upgraded from RW5 to RW8. I am having the same problem with RW8. Pictures dragged into a Styled page (carried over from RW5) since I started the app display in the Preview mode. Picture dragged into the Styled page in a previous session are just white in a black frame in the design mode and don’t show anything in the Preview mode. Neither set of pictures show on the actual website.

SOLUTION: Seems that between RW6 and RW7 the Styled Text page template changed so the old Styled Text version doesn’t totally work in newer versions of RW. Created a new Styled Text page in RW8 and dragged in a picture. Everything works fine. Now will have to port a page from the old Styled Text page to the new Styled Text page.

Glad to see you got it figured out. Might look into a newer theme. RW5 wasn’t responsive(before mobile browsers), so the old themes don’t do well on mobile devices.

SOLUTION UPDATE: I think the difference is that RW5 saved a copy of the picture dragged and dropped. So you could move the original picture in your Finder and it wasn’t lost for RW. Probably to save disk space it seems that that copy is no longer made. Now you need to keep the picture in the same location from which you dragged it for RW8 to use it.

@TomB Relying on an image to say in the same place on your hard drive is … pretty crazy. Possible, but you’re taking chances. Much easier to make sure images are saved within your RW project file. See image for how to do this. First go to the Advanced option in the Settings area. Then choose copy into project.

There probably are good exceptions to this rule of thumb … and that’s why a choice is provided. If someone is bringing in a ton of images then maybe they don’t want this option.


Thank you so much. I had not found this setting selection. I definitely want to copy into the document.