🙋‍♂️ Podcast Questions — Ask @dan and @ben anything!

It’s been a while since we asked for these, so if you have any questions for this week’s podcast please ask us here!

If we don’t get any questions you’ll have to listen to more coffee and vegan chat :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Weaving!

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How about an update on Typed.com


Also some news about Ember would be quite nice :wink:

On the Rapidweaver front, please could you provide an update on how the new automatic theme update will work, prompted by this forum thread.

I’d really like to hear about the next RW beta status. Build 18665b gave me login errors. Reverting to 7.3.3 until 7.4 is solid.

How about talking about what you are working on next, and RW8.

You have asked:


As well as feature request coming in. What are you working on, what are you not going do?


Would love to know if there are any plans to further develop the built-in RW Blog plug-in. :slight_smile:


I would love to hear about updates for the Rapidweaver community paid subscribers. New stacks? Exclusive stacks? Projects? What other value added items will be added?

Can you add the ability to check the site for suitability on mobile devices? Maybe make suggestions about how to optimize the site for faster loading speeds? I spend a lot of time building a site and then have to spend even more time optimizing it and making it responsive for mobile.

Idea for the paid community site: Video tutorial on mySQL database usage for interactive sites. How to update, query and delete database fields using RW.

Photo galleries are still kind of hard to make. While there are plenty of photo stacks out there, they all seem to be more for photographers and not so much for people that just want to put up many captioned photos.I would love it if I could point RW to a directory or album in iphoto, have it keep the same order of photos and then have the ability to add a caption to each photo. Really can’t find a way to do that easily for lots of photos. I’ve seen some stacks that do something like that, but for only a few photos. My use case is for a car restoration project that has 50+ photos with some info about each photo needed but I can’t find a way to do this quickly and easily.

So maybe you could discuss a way to use RW to create a photo site for non-photographers who just want to easily share captioned photos for a project or vacation?