🗣 We need your Questions for the Podcast (Wednesday 25th)

Hey RapidWeavers,

This is a call for questions…

Want to know how to do something in RW, or maybe you have a question about Realmac? go ahead and ask anything…

We’ll answer everything on next week’s Podcast (recording set for Wednesday 25th).

Cheers for the beers!

Here’s one: how do I stop RW incorrectly predicting what I am trying to type in the code area?

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About SEO and meta tags. What meta tags should be added to the different pages on a site? Should the FB Open Graph be added to all pages or just the “Home” page? What about Geo Location and Robots? Which meta tags are an absolute must and which are not so important?

Why can’t you strip out the old themes that have shipped with RW for years and continue to support them outside of the program via downloads like 3rd party themes? I still haven’t heard an actual technical reason.



Are there any plans to improve the Markdown support for the MD page type? So that it can handle, for example, tables.

We’ve covered this before on the show. But to re-state:

  1. We include the themes because, while you may not use the templates, others do. They expect sites to work when opening the project with RapidWeaver - and prompting them to download a theme that was previously “installed” is a bad experience.
  2. We include the themes with RapidWeaver to keep the themes up to date. We’ve shipped a number of theme updates over the last year as developers add new tweaks to them.

As we’ve also discussed (on the podcast, and here), RW7 will by default only show themes that declare themselves to be responsive. When an older theme is in use in a project, it’ll be listed in the Theme Browser. There will, of course, be a preference to turn this off, but by default RapidWeaver will only show modern themes.


Can I have a follow up then?

Will the Autumn theme still be there in Rapidweaver 12?


Only if you have the “Show Modern Themes” preference disabled… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That means I won’t see it, but Autumn will still be there, dropping leaves all over my nice slick RW12, even though I’d rather it wasn’t…

On the subject of Themes, how about something clarifying the new, improved way to modify them using Styles. What can you change; where it gets changed; how to move changes from one machine to another; Master/Default Styles etc.

I suspect there’s still some confusion about this. Thanks…

@dan, please discuss RapidWeaver integration with Typed(dot)com, as in what stacks are available, do the RW typed(dot)com stacks have theme requirements (work in any theme) of RW, can we both put and fetch from typed(dot)com from our site build or live site? Does Joe Workman’s Easy/Total CMS work with Typed(dot)com (Why not talk about Joe again lol)?

Also, proper steps to invite a collaborator that does not have a typed account - this should be included in the email sent to the invitee and to the sender…

What did you folks do for your 13th Birthday? Anything exciting happen?

Talk about 6.3.6 GM and all the issues that were fixed.

Just thoughts.

I"ve been enjoying the podcast as I’m very new to RapidWeaver and believe it or not I’ve actually found some of them helpful :slight_smile:

I’m very new to this and really don’t know any HTML or CSS but I’m trying to learn. I recently bought the Endeavor theme (Michael David Design) for my site: www.pjkoltnow.com and I’d like to know a few things;

  1. Why are my photos so big? I know you sort of addressed this recently but I didn’t get any clear answer.

  2. I’m not sure I understand the “extra content” in my theme or where it goes.

I’m doing my best and have figured some things out via the web.

Thanks for the podcasts.

Greetings You BRAVE PodCasters!

I absolutely LOVED the “Modern Grunge” theme. I’ve had to abandon it for a responsive theme. Will “Modern Grunge” ever be updated to be a responsive theme? The mixture of different shades of blue is so pretty. I realize the patterned backgrounds would not work on a small screen, but what about all those beautiful shades of blue?

I’m almost blind and am afraid to change anything having to do with color! If I didn’t have color-blindness issues, I’d have changed the green to blue on our new theme. I really miss “Modern Grunge”, but everyone else loves the new theme and mobile-accessible site.

Thanks for all the laughter.

With a smile, s13cybergal from Alameda, CA, USA

Why is mapsnap not working with the official theme?


Extra Content (EC) is a term to denote areas of your page which aren’t provided in RW by default.

A standard RW page - at its most basic - allows you to place content (text, images etc) in the page’s centre, or main content area; in sidebars; perhaps in a footer; and have - usually - images in/as the banner. The default page also allows you to control the menu/navigation buttons, tabs, lists etc.

Imagine a tiny area at the top right of the entire page, or immediately above your vertical navigation between the menu and the header image, or stretching all the way across the page butted up against the header/banner. Into any of these areas you might want to put such things as today’s date, a secondary logo, a link to your own site-building company on a client’s own site.

These are Extra Content areas; they are controlled separately and specifically by themes which support EC. Many modern themes provide for, say, 6 EC areas to be optionally ‘activated’ and used (=filled with content of your own).

The way in which (or even whether) Extra Content is implemented always differs from theme to theme. So do the ways in which you access EC… Stacks4Stacks EC stack is one way to make it easy.

Many EC-supporting Themes will place a distinct (bright red, yellow, e.g.) border around an ‘activated’ EC area to show you where to is - as well as describing its location on the page. This border does not display on publication.

Good luck!

How about when stack is updated in RW and deployed in a previously published site, will RW automatically update the published stack on the next publish or do we need to do a republish all to update the deployed stack?

Love the show, glad to see you all are doing this to support your user base.


Mark, if there are changes to the way the page behaves of appears a s result of an update to the stack, you need to republish, Yes.

If you guys have time for another for another semi-off topic question I’ve got one I’m sure everyone here has thought about at one point or another.

“If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?”
Note: you can make up your own superpowers.

My current answer would be; to be fluent in every language that ever was, is, or will be. I think this would be a great power because every language has evolved to describe thoughts in it’s own unique way. For instance some languages lack a past or future sense.

Understanding language allows you to more accurately understand the minds of the people who speak it.

Cheers and keep up the great work!

That fits because both beavers and bisons can speak any language which they’re required to speak.


Hi, Just listened to Episode 3 (from all way in New Zealand). You asked about Membership systems. Thought iI would mention aMember which Ryan at the Rapidweaver Classroom uses,