Podcasts Date shows December 31, 1979

So I created a podcast and I registered it with itunes. I downloaded my podcast on my phone, and it’s date is December 31, 1979. Why? I’ve entered the date correction in everything place I could find in Rapidweaver.



You’re here as @Mark1980 so does that mean you wrote this forum post the day after you recorded your Podcast?

Just to check, do you mean the date has gone funny when downloading from iTunes or from your RW site?

I’m back in the office…

The date was December 31, 1979 within itunes. In RW, after I click on the ‘add podcast’, I did end up finding how to change the date using the tag pubdate by clicking on the “Custom RSS Tag”. The date successfully changed within itunes, however, the podcast was no longer playable and then eventually disappeared within itunes.

So I figured out the date thing, but now I need to figure out how to get itunes to notice this podcast again. Like, was I supposed to change the date somwhere else? Should I have not used the “Custom RSS Tag” feature and just stuck with “iTune Tags” feature.

I’ve bee using Rapidweaver for a while, but never in conjunction with itunes…


Hmmmm… I’ve never had experience with Podcasts+iTunes before. You might want to either contact Realmac or find a podcaster in this community who has published their recordings.

Sorry I can’t be of more help :frowning:

Thanks anyway, man. I think I actually figured it out. Tons of trial and errors going on, but I think I figured it out.

Thanks again.

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