Submitting Podcast to iTunes failed due to „language bug“

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RapidWeaver Version: 6.2.8 (14912)
System Version: 10.11.3
Hardware: MacPro (End 2013)

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RSS Feed generated through Feedburner got rejected due to missing language tag (says Apple). The language tag is being generated by Rapidweaver, but it not an iTunes compliant way. Feedburner does not alter this tag. Rapidweaver generates it like this: <dc:language>de</dc:language>

UPDATE: Same goes for the publishing date. It ist not shown in iTunes, because the feed contains: <dc:date></dc:date> instead of <pubDate></pubDate>
Due to that bug iTunes displays: “1. January 2001” instead.

Expected Result:
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After manually changing the original feed.xml created by Rapidweaver into <language>de</language>, iTunes let me submit the Feedburner Feed. Now I have to be very careful to always alter the file manually after adding a new Podcast. Please fix it with the next release!

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NOTE: this xml file has been rewritten to correct the issue.

You have to do it like this for iTunes! Only with Rapid Weaver! ( mache ich schon seit jahren so :wink: )

Info iTunes tags

Thank you, this helped a lot! Would a custom tag fix the language bug as well? Tag - language, Value - de?