Pop Box stack like the search button here

Hi. Im looking for a stack like the search button on this site.
I’d like to have the search icon. Click on that and revel my search stack.
(My search bar is already created, I just need to stack to put it into.

Which site?

Extra text for the 20 characters

This rapidweaver forum. See the search icon tip right. Really inobtrusive …
I have a search bar and column of links I’d need to put inside the stack. Reveal on click of the icon.

Ah, sorry. I thought you’d forgotten to add a link.

PopDrop would be my first port of call.

Brilliant thanks. I had seen that and not realized I could put stacks in there. Thanks will trey it now .

Rats I cant have just an icon

I’ve never tried this, but you could try ButtonPlus2 as the trigger with just an icon in the button and a ghost button (no background).

Or maybe Icon Menu from Weavium?


deleted …my response, I couldnt get hold of weavium … but just herard back now !

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