Icon Menu - New RapidWeaver Stack by Weavium! ^_^

Say hello to Icon Menu, the newest RapidWeaver Stack by Weavium.

Icon Menu is a long awaited and super useful new menu stack for creating stunning popup or full-page icon menus in RapidWeaver! A truly great tool for creating basic site menus, profiles, social networking menus, and more~

Icon Menu is currently on sale for 25% off, just $11.24 until March 17th, 2018~

Check it out!

This stack was created with the idea of stepping away from simple text-based menus and focused towards making menus that are intuitive, animated, and interesting!

As always we’ve put many hours of hard work into creating the stack, making sure the animations are on-point, and including tons of examples for you guys of course!! : D


I don’t even have a use for it yet, but another instant buy ! Thank you !

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how do you get the discount

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Hi there,

You can get the discount by typing:


in the discount section at checkout~

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it was an instant buy. But i’ld love to see stacked content in a possible update ;D
Big Up fi di work !



Why need an “overflow-y: scroll” value that adds scrolling to the right (it’s superfluous)?

And is it possible to adjust the shadow color of the opening menu (popup)?

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Stack content seems like an easy enough feature to add for the next update~ : )

Hi there,

That is a great question! We had to add overflow scroll as a safety for users who plan to add a lot of menu items, that might overflow the page. It is true that the scroll-bar can make a beautiful looking feature into something a bit less.

Maybe we can add an advanced option for turning off the overflow for users with less menu items~


Thanks for the reply! Then just lost all the simplicity and ease of this menu, if you constantly see the white scrolling bar.

About changing the shadow color for the menu is not answered, will be or not :wink:

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Hi, yes, please have the option to remove the scroll bar. Thanks!

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Ditto. Option to remove scroll bar would be great.

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It looks like the shadow is not currently an option for the stack.

That should be another quick addition~ : )

Hi everyone~

We have just pushed out an update (Version 1.0.3) which includes an option in the “Menu” section to turn overflow off so that scroll bars do not appear. If you are using this option, size with caution and make sure that your content doesn’t overflow the height of the screen. If you do have overflowing content, it is recommended that the option be left at the default “scroll”.

Also, surprisingly nobody noticed, but it looks like columns weren’t working properly for tablet and mobile! We have fixed that in this update as well. : D

Thanks all for your support!


Thank you! Great work!

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