Help with Weavium's Icon Menu

Hi weavers, I wanted to find out if I could buy someone a cup of coffee in exchange for helping me figure out access to the transitions of the pop up box that is being used in the Icon Menu stack by Weavium.

What I mean is that the menu “zooms in” on open and “slides down” on close. I’d like to be able to change both if possible. There seems to be no way within the stacks settings to do that or I just don’t see it. The stack’s preview can be located here;

Thanks a lot in advance.

Might be worth asking Weavium if they’d consider adding animation control to the HUD?

Thanks for your msg. I contacted Weavium as well, but in case I don’t hear back I wanted to pay somoene/developer to help me. I think I purchased all Weavium’s stacks … kind of wish they continued releasing new ones.

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