Popper stack update - BLOBS!


A big update to Popper stack has just been pushed out. v1.2 of Popper brings with it a whole new companion stack to offer a different way to add some visual interest to your page. Squiggler stack allows you add an animated ‘squiggley’ line, either as a content divider, or to underline sections of text. You can set Squiggler up to target spans of text, bold text, italic text, links or horizontal lines. There are also numerous styling options such as colour, size and direction of squiggle.

See it in action here.

All questions / feedback welcome.



Hot on the heels of v1.2, v1.3 is here and this time I bring you …blobs.

This update ships with 20 pre-built blob shapes and over 10 ‘other’ shapes. There is also the option of adding your own svg shapes if that is your thing. Like with all other Popper pattern elements, there are also countless styling, sizing and positioning options. All of which give you the ability to make beautiful and eye-catching things such as this:

image.png1105×469 46.9 KB

and this:

image.png1786×742 114 KB

You can see many more examples on the updated demo site.

Anyway, Popper is still just £10 (or equivalent). Go check it out now.

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