Post Office stack and Sendy

Has anybody got Joes Post Office stack working with Sendy?
I had it working for a long time but when I try a new installation the api key and list settings do not seem to work for me and emails do not actually sign up into the list

If someone can show and image of their working settings that would help me solve this issue



I just tested it with my Sendy installation and its working perfectly. What version of Sendy are you using? I assume that you have Post Office v1.9.2 installed.

yes I have Sendy 4.0.8 and post office 1.9.2

I am running Sendy 4.0.5 but don’t see anything in the minor updates that would cause any differences. You triple checked your Post Office settings? Did you test with a new list so that you can verify that your email is not already associated with a list that you are trying to test?

Yes , I have tried a new list , I have my api, and the list code. There are no entries on the list, so any email should add to it.
It is also on a foundation 6 website.
That why I asked what settings others were using so I can replicate a successful setting

Are you blocking any ip?

No I am not blocking any ip’s.

If anybody has post office working with Sendy in foundation 6 then please tell what settings you are using…

There aren’t many settings to deal with. Here are mine. Obviously I am omitting my API Key and List ID.


Is your unsubscribe box checked? If so, uncheck that.

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so my settings are correct except Sendy server is

and still the email signup does not work on I am at a loss to know what I am doing wrong.

Joe, I signed up to email on I did not get a confirmation email, so please could you confirm the is now on your system.

unsubscribe is unchecked

I will try to update my Sendy to v4.0.8 tomorrow and verify that it works with that version. At this point, that is the only difference that I can tell.

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