Post oFfice Stack Capabilities and expectations?

Hi guys

I purchased post office because I was under the impression it would be the solution for having a mail list subscribe integrated on my website.

I have the stack installed and database created and I am wondering what I do now. .

I would lIke to just say what I am looking to do is have an immediate thank you email go to the person and the email would be part of a newsletter.the entire database is for that purpose.I was wondering where I log in to manage those kind of things. Post office can do that right? Initially I was under the impression this is how it worked but I guess it just writes database tables to a file that is read by a mailer app and there are two free versions. dada and php on godaddy within their installatron app interface.

Any suggestions for mailer apps that work well with post office?

Is this how it works?

A nice program for newsletters is sendy

Post office stack supports sendy

costs $ . Seems any decent mail app does unless you’re a torrent master

I am also confused as to how to make ‘Post Office’ the management tool. There are only 2 official tutorial videos, and each deal only with the Opt-in button options on your website - nothing about what do do after that! Any help would be great.