POST OFFICE STACK no longer working

I am using post office stack with mailchimp on a clients site. Just for email sign up
It has worked for several years
Now for no reason the signups are not registering with Mailchimp

My stack is up to date and the API key and list ID are correct and have never changed.
I host with chillidog.

I dont know when it stopped working …have no idea what has gone wrong.
Thanks in advance for any advice


First time that I have heard of issues. I will look into it.

Thanks so much Joe. Yes I couldnt find anyone with same issue.

Chillidog did update server and transfer stuff some months ago. But coild that do it? Also others would have been affected. It could have stopped working some time ago and we didnt notice

Hi Joe?
Any luck? Or any thoughts on anything I could use until its gets sorted?
I don’t think there is a similar stack out there. But if ther is I would use it just to keep them happy while I fix the problem. Thnx

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