PostOffice and Mailchimp

After a 2 day struggle with no result i post it here. Anybody here with experience with the Joe Workman PostOffice Stacks in combination with Mailchimp?

I have it setup on several websites, but now i cannot get it to work with a new one.
Weird, because is did not change the way i did it before.

The ‘manuel’ is also not very clear in what is the difference of the 3 Stacks and when to use them. PO Box (dropzone for PO box) , PO Legacy and Post Office have the both a same explanation… “Fully featured email subscription manager”.

Maybe i am missing something here.
I am using the stack in a Foundation website, this is a test page:

I hope somebody here can tell me more.

Thanks in advance

It’s a known bug apparently.

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Yes. I am sorry. It’s definitely on my todo list for after the new site launch next week.

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Nevermind… check for updates!!! All fixed. :slight_smile:


thanks !

Joe Workman is THE MAN. Muito Obrigado pelo serviço rápido! :wink: That why we buy so much of your stuff, your service is just awesome.

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