Poster inside a Tab stack

I tried it briefly and it didn’t seem to work but I didn’t explore it very deeply and just curious if it is an option.

Is it possible to have different Poster stacks inside a set of tabs? In this case, I was trying Simple Tabs (by 1LD) and a seperate Poster stack inside of each tab. The idea was to use the Tabs in place of Category links (I was using the Poster Cart project by the ever-bannable Steve).

It didnt work but I just realized that I had the setting to ‘reveal as you scroll’ turned on, and maybe that was messing with the ability for the Tab to calculate what height it needs to be.

Not at my comp to check so just curious if this is a possibility or not. @instacks

First of all, really supported is only one Poster Stack per page, because of filtering the categories etc.

I guess you have to turn off the reveal items on scroll.

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I just flagged you.

Thanks for the project by the way, I had suggested to a client that we move away from RCP (I have a feeling that some orders may have not been going through) and I think this will work out well.

I might give it a try again, just to see how it works with the Reveal turned off. In this case, there wouldn’t be any need for Categories (the Tabs would do that for me) and it would be a pretty small number of total items (maybe 15 in total). The upside is it would allow for some different intros/info in each Tab.


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