Questions about using Poster Stack

Hi all, I’m learning how to use Poster Stack but I have a couple of questions.
My test page is here but it’s a bit muddled:

My questions are:

  1. Does poster stack automatically show the newest post top left?
  2. Does changing the date mess about with the order that it shows up on the page?
  3. Once I’ve created a post with settings that I’m happy with, how can I duplicate those settings for the next post or do I have to manually set them all each time I post?
  4. All posts go in one Poster stack right? Or are you supposed to use a new poster stack for each post?
    Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Hi Gabrielle,


  1. For the “inline” stacks based Poster Items (not the markdown folder integration), the posts are not sorted by date. This will be possible in a future update.
  2. No mess up.
  3. Cmd-c/Cmd-v (copy paste) a Poster Item Stack will do so.
  4. Just one Poster “Main” Stack per page. Inside the Poster Stack than many Poster Items.

Check out the videos also:

Regards, Jannis


Hi Jannis,
thanks so much for your input. I’m going through the videos again thank you :-).

  1. I’ve made some changes now thanks to your videos. But the last thing I can’t work out is this. When I click on one of the 3 dummy posts I then get the post page itself popping up, but I also see a long string of text at the top of the page saying ’ . . Post 1"> . Post 1"> . Post 1"> . Post 1"> . Post 1">’ . Why is this?

I don’t know, never heard of this. If this doesn’t resolve, send me the project please.

Hi Jannis, don’t worry I fixed it, I just needed to rename each post :-). Thanks so much for this stack, it’s bloody brilliant! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind words. Let me know in case you need additional help :slight_smile:

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