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I’m working on a couple Poster 2 blog pages for my redesigned photography website using the Origin theme by Archetypon, and would like to ask for some help fixing something that isn’t working right and adding a feature as well. I’d love help from the community, or would be willing to pay someone including the designer of the stack, Jannis for help with these 2 customizations. I’ll include pictures.

1). I’ve added some text stacks as well as a few “ReadMore” stacks (stacks4stacks) above the Poster 2 stack so I can have introduction text above the blog, and in one of the blogs I’ve used the ReadMore stack to make fake blog entries so I can have them pinned to the top, which isn’t possible in Poster 2. It looks great when viewing the page, but when clicking on an individual Poster 2 blog entry, it shows not only that blog entry, but all the stacks above it, and often it opens the post scrolled way up, so the viewer would be very confused as to what happened, not knowing they need to scroll way down to get to the individual opened blog entry.

a). So I need a way to hide the stacks above the Poster 2 blog entry when they are opened in “read more” view.

b). Also, when you click the “back” button when a blog entry is opened, it doesn’t go back to where that blog entry is, it goes back to a seemingly random place. I would love to make this button take you back to where you were in the blog so it’s not disorienting. Back to the collapsed view of that blog entry.

The best way to see this is with a screen recording, which I made and which you can download from my dropbox. Here’s the link: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

2). I would like to show a list of blog archives for all the Poster 2 blog entries plus a list of tags you can click on to see posts in those tags (I’m not using categories or anything else at the moment) at the end of each opened blog post. So each time you open a blog post to read it, when you’re done you’ve got a nice list of all the blog entries to jump to one. I’m also going to try to have a web developer I’ve hire add a list to the main page but I don’t need help with that at this point.

I’ve hired a great RW web developer to help with some other customization of the project and he had some javascript added to the theme that generated a nice list that worked great when I was using the standard RW blog. But then I found Poster 2 and had to redo them because it’s so much better! But his javascript actually created a “Blog Archives” header below each blog entry when opened in “read more” view, at the end of the blog post. But it only showed one blog entry - the one that was open - I’m guessing because this javascript scans for blog titles and when a blog post is opened, there’s only one blog title visible. Is there some code I could add that would generate this with of all my blog posts plus the tags in a list? Here’s a picture of what it looked like with his Javascript that added the header and showed the current blog entry. I’d love it to look the same, but show all my blog entries plus tags if possible.

Here’s a picture of how it looked with his Javascript

3). I think I can probably fix this by just erasing the post and re-entering it as a new entry, but I’m curious why/how it’s happening so I could do it on purpose if I wanted.

The first post in my blog shows in one column, even though I’ve selected “flexbox columns”. This is because I created the blog by just dragging the Demo project page over to my project and then customizing it. And in the demo project, the first post shows as a single column as well. I can’t figure out how though, there’s no custom code, or setting to override flexbox columns or anything. I’d like all posts to be in the flexbox column format. Here’s a picture of this

I’m posting this as 2 images, the second one scrolled down so you can see that the rest of the posts are in column format. The images actually overlap if you look at the text.

Thank you for any help! And again, if anyone has a solution but needs compensation because it will take time, I’m happy to hire you! I’d love to hire Jannis!

First, there is a option to scroll to detail top. This is in the main stack settings. This will, when navigating into detail view, scroll to the top of the post.

I think this already solves your issue. Of you want to have further control, there is a visibility aka show/hide stack allowing to make content visible only in list or detail mode.

I don’t have a solution for this. Very browser specific also I guess.

You’re there using the blog index. Just use the categories and tag archive, that will work.

In the main stack, you’re able to specify the layout.

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Thanks Jannis! Many of your responses did solve problems!

I don’t understand how this show/hide stack would allow me to control what is visible in list or detail mode. It shows/hides stacks based on the size of the browser window, and as far as I can tell is designed to show/hide stacks based on size of the screen ie mobile devices. I can’t think of how I could use that to control what stacks are shown/hidden in detail or list view and if I did use it, I would risk hiding my. previous stacks in mobile devices right? Or maybe there are 2 stacks called show/hide?

It seems it’s not possible with your Blog Archive code to have it at the end of each blog entry in detail mode, it can’t find the blog titles and doesn’t list anything under index. if this is true I’ll find a place for it on the main page.

Also, “scroll to detail top” scrolls just above the blog entry in detail mode, showing some of the stacks above it. But the may be because there are stacks above it. If I can figure out a way to hide the stacks above Poster 2 in detail mode, maybe it would work better.

Thank you!

That’s a separate stack in the Poster 2 Suite, not the settings you mention.

Please have a look at the test project, the tag and categories archive works there fine. Testproject Download

There is a scroll offset setting allowing you to fine tune the target area, good for example if you have a sticky navigation.


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This worked great! I didn’t realize that’s what that was for! Thank you! I wish there was more written documentation for this stack.

The problem now is that the back button takes the viewer to the top of all the stacks above the Poster 2 blog, to the top of the page. isn’t there a way to use this kind of code (below) to at least take viewers to the beginning of the blog? I’m using this at the top of my page to take viewers down to the blog and skip the intro text, for example if they’ve already visited the site and read the intro text. Or maybe there’s more specific code I could add to the summary of each blog post, so that the back button takes the viewer to the list view showing the post they were just looking at in detail view.

<a href="#blog">click here to skip to blog</a>
<div id="blog">&nbsp;</div>

I’m mostly interested in having a list of blog entries in the detail mode, because if someone clicks a month for example, once they’re in list view seeing only posts from that month there’s no way to get back to seeing all the posts.

Separately, I saw that it’s possible to add font awesome arrows to the back and next post/page buttons, but I’m not sure where to add this code. When I add it to the text setting in the stacks settings, it just shows the code, not the font awesome icon arrow. or if I’d like to use the buttons that are built into my theme like you say is possible, I’m not sure where to put that code either.

Thanks again! The hide/view stack was well thought out!

I added a note therefore for a future update.

Just add a button or link by yourself navigating to the page itself. The detail mode or page navigation are controlled with URL parameter like page=2, so opening the page without any of them opens the blog in default list mode.

If you want to use your own buttons, enable the dropzone areas: RapidWeaver Blog Layout Template

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