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Hello, When someone shares any of my blog posts they always get the same image (the banner image) rather than the image associated with the blog article. Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you

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Image URL

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Thanks for the link, however that doesn’t really show me how to get my image to display with the share link. I thought that the preview image would fix this but doesn’t seem to help.

Not much to change in the social share stack

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Only the image in the input field of your screenshot will be used for generating the meta data, which is used by Twitter etc.

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In addition:

If you have tried to share one of your posts inside Facebook already, make sure to reset the cached information via the Open Graph Debugger. This will also allow you a preview of your posts.

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Thanks for the help, however i have had no luck.

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If you added an image in that input field, republished the page, and Facebook does not take care of that new image (for an existing post you already tried to share), I cannot help much. Facebook does quite a lot of caching of those things.

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Thanks for all the help. I removed the banner image for the blog page and waited for Facebook to clear the cache, that seemed to have fix the problem.

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You can get Facebook to re-scrape a website with their developer tools.

Otherwise they can hang on to that cached stuff for quite a while.

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