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Hello @instacks ,
How can I add Blog pages to the sitemap.xml for SEO purposes? I’ve tried Sitemap plus with blog settings turned on, but none of the blog pages are showing in the sitemap. I’ve also tried shutting off sitemap plus and using the default sitemap - still no pages showing.

You have to add the permalink manually to the Sitemap. I don’t know if Sitemap Plus can handle this.


If you find a solution I would be pleased to hear.


I have the same question about NimbleHost’s Armadillo. I was trying to do data highlighting within the Google Search Console and it told me the Armadillo blog post’s URL wasn’t indexed. I’m concerned that Armadillo content may not be being considered by search engines. Hope I’m wrong. The URL I tried to highlight was

Do Search engines, and precisely, Google knows about a page that comes from a product like Poster or Armadillo? The answer, more than likely. Sitemaps are an excellent starting point for search engines. But they will follow(crawl) the links on any page unless told not too(nofollow, Robots.txt).
Now David’s (@davidw1234) page above has been crawled by Google, and the content is being indexed. This link will show what Googles Cached page looks like for that page. I found this by removing the permalink data from the Google search, and typed this into
Articles about Music Education - Monica Wilkinson - monicawmusic
On that any entry in the SERP (search engine results page) you can click the down arrow next to the URL and select Cached:

Your sitemap ( does not contain these entries, so I would guess that is why Google Console (and other tools) are not allowing you to reference these pages. I don’t think the standard or sitemap plus will chase down the permalinks. There are many online generators available that will index your site and build a complete XML sitemap.

You may want to use something like this and replace the existing sitemap.XML file that RW generated.
Article about sitemaps:


Very helpful Doug. To summarise, if i understand correctly. It looks like the Armadillo content is being crawled over and indexed, but the RW generated sitemap won’t include the Armadillo content and therefore anything exclusively relying on sitemap won’t know about the Armadillo content.

Yes, I think it’s more of a Google console issue. I would run you base URL through an XML sitemap generate (like the one above), download the sitemap, and use that instead of the one RW generates. Put it in your root directory, resubmit it to the Google console, and see if you can use tools like Google Highlighter on those pages.

I think folks are confused about XML sitemaps. Your site doesn’t even have to have one to be found on search engines. It’s a starting point for search engines, but if a page is missing, as long as you have a valid followable link to that page, they’ll find it.


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