Sitemap.xml and html not showing some pages marked "index"

i have several pages which are not in the menu, but are marked: “index this page” and “follow links”, and there are links to these pages on other pages that are in the menu.
i wondered why Google doesn’t show these pages, and doesn’t even show them in the sitemap Webmaster listing from google.
Now i see these pages are not in my rapidweaver Sitemap.html page AND are not listed in the sitemap.xml file.
I can’t find what i did wrong, because there are links to these pages on other pages, they are NOT marked as “draft”, but are also not shown in navigation. Please advice or help.

I would be interested in this too. I’ve got a few pages not showing up either.

As Farr as I know RW only adds pages that are in nav to the sitemap. It doesn’t “crawl” your site and follow links like google bot does.

That being said, a page not being in the sitemap does not keep Google from crawling it.

If you want to see what Google sees on your site, google site:yourURL

You can also tell google to copra when a particular page using webmaster tools.

Thank you!

Sorry I saw your reply just now…