Powerful Web App Stack, Theme OR Framework

Hi all,

Is anyone developing a powerful web app stack, theme or framework!

I feel there is an insane market for this! I have a framework that I use outside of RapidWeaver that I got through code canyon but the ability to create a PWA with flexible elements within RW would be insane!

I’d be happy to pay a decent price for it! I’m sure others would too!!

I had a recent post about pwa’s as well. As you may know there are a couple of other posts on the forum too regarding pwa’s. Will Woodgate, in his normal fashion, had an insightful response to my inquiry if you wish to give it a read. Might be a good person to contact.

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@willwood would this be something you’d be interested in developing? How can we tempt you :wink:

Please email me a project proposal. Perhaps include details of this Code Canyon addon you are already using.

Outline the role(s) it would serve, what framework (if any) it should be built around, how you expect it to look and function, and why it would differ to all the other blank frameworks that currently exist.

I would also need details of either what budget you have to fund it or a list of backers who would buy it.

The ROI would be quite an important factor for me, in reflection of diminishing addon sales this year and high support expectations some users have.

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There was a very good one -> https://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/themes/freestack-responsive
It’s not supported anymore but it was so nice.

I would like to see something similar, i’d buy it.

I could be mistaken, but I think @blueballdesign still offers support for FreeStack.

What do you want to display there in detail?

It can be, but no new features anymore. Freestack was way ahead of his time. Adam…you can make it :wink:

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I can make what? FreeStack?

I’ll leave this here.


What has the freestyle template to do with a PWA?


sorry, missed that part of the question :wink:

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I know, I was being sarcastic. Love the foundry concept. Didn’t tried it yet. Maybe I should.
ps: I’ve got your Foundry sticker on my pc :wink:

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One aspect of a pwa that I find particularly appealing is the ability to “act” like a native app and to seemingly act independent of the native browser client. The app submission, and update process can be quite frustrating (particularly within the Apple ecosystem). The potential to develop an app-like experience that one can easily add to their phone home screen(s) without the hurdles of an App Store is intriguing. All of that said I’m just beginning to understand the world of pwa’s but very cool user experience behaviors seem possible. I have many on my phone that I reference and play with. Many examples can be found here, while just templates quite cool to add to your home screen and play around with imho.

Exactly. It’s like an app, with offline data persistence and possible data synchronization. And that’s quite different from a static website created with RW.

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