Praising RW, Foundry, SEO Helper, Poster, Social Popup

Rapidweaver is doing great for me. Pleased as could be. Foundry is doing great for me, pleased as could be.

Also a shout out for SEO Helper, I climbed way up Google’s rankings once I implemented it and did a re submit with the handy little submitter that’s a part of SEO helper. I also use the console, and I did Bing too.

Also a shout out for “Shady”, for adding shadow, I think that’s from S4S, and Showcase Ultra, is a cool “on a computer screen” image slider… perfect if you’re in software like me.

Also a shout out for Poster, the blog maker. It works great. Also for Social Pop Up, it’s a really cool way to “Share this page” on a myriad of social networks. Very cool implementation.


Do you mean Social Pop by cosculture?

One Little Designer also has Facebook Connect…

I meant this one, its WAY powerful


SocialPopup | Stacks4Stacks › socialpopup

Oct 14, 2019 - SocialPopup is by-far the most powerful and customisable social media sharing and bookmarking addon available for RapidWeaver .

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