Socialpopup not working after publishing

socialpopup (Stack4stack) not working for me after publishing. They don’t open their respective social media apps nor do the utility icons work either. Can someone help me? It must be user error. I read the instructions and I understand they should be ready to go with no extra work but I totally could be wrong. Thoughts? Thank you

@willwood might be of help here :slight_smile:

when something seems OK before publishing, but bad after the first thing to try is to choose Re-Publish All Files from from File menu. This is different from just clicking Publish – it will force all of the files in the whole site to republish regardless of what has already been published.

When things don’t work sometimes it’s merely a file that didn’t make it up to your host. Re-Publish will ensure all the files get there.

If it still doesn’t work after that, by all means contact the developer. :smiley:



Thanks Isaiah, that’s super helpful. I’ll try that next.

If you do get in touch with @willwood, have a read of this post first - it’s an insight into the best way to ask for tech support.


Thank you for your info. I read the article and it sure helps me help you help me. Very often what can seem clear to me doesn’t translate well when explained to others. I’ll definitely keep this in mind going forward as I only reach out when I’m really stuck and appreciate all the help I get.
Thanks and Cheers!


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