🔍 SEO Helper - Boost SEO Rankings and Social Reach

This upgrade contains a full overhaul of the SEO and social meta tags. It also adds a ton of new functionality. It contains over 30 stacks now. If you are an existing Foundation user, you even get a 30% upgrade discount!

SEO Helper 2 will work with any theme. It is no longer tied to Foundation.

SEO and Social Meta Tags

SEO Helper supports all of the major and a bunch of edge case meta tags. These will help improve your search engine ranks and social reach.

Structured Data

Google leverages structured data to provide users with rich search results. If you are not implementing structured data to help Google understand your website, then you are missing out.

Sitemap Builder

The all new Sitemap Builder gives you full control over your sitemap files. You can even add priority attributes that search engines will use to determine how webpages relate to each other. You can even generate image sitemaps so that you can ensure that search engines are properly indexing your favorite images. This is a RapidWeaver first!

Sitemap Index

You can now create a sitemap file of sitemap files! This will save you a ton of time on larger websites by breaking up pages into multiple sitemap files. You only need to submit the one sitemap index file to search engines. Once submitted, you only need to keep that file up to date for search engines. If you ever need to add a new sitemap, just add it to the index and you are done.

404 Error Pages

I am willing to bet that if you have a 404 not found page on your site, its not done properly. Changes are your 404 page is not properly returning the 404 status code to search engines. This means that search engines don’t know when to actually remove something from their index. This stack will cure all of that for you.

Live Streams

I did two different live streams show casing SEO Helper. One was on how to use it for social media and the other was just a few days ago about SEO. You can watch these on the SEO Helper product page.

How to Upgrade

If you purchased Foundation, then you are eligible for a 30% upgrade discount. In order to qualify for that you simply need to purchase the update with the same email that you used to purchase Foundation. The same upgrade discount applies no matter when you purchased Foundation.


I am missing a documentation for the new SEO Helper stack. The stack links to an empty page:

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Is there a discount if you’ve bought Meta Mate?

Just curious.

There is no discount for Meta Mate users since I never actually sold a copy. Sorry.

SEO Helper v1 was originally only for those who also purchased Foundation, and now there is an upgrade discount for v2 of SEO Helper, but this is only for folks who (by definition) first purchased Foundation, but there is no introductory discount for new users/purchasers of SEO Helper v2–even though v2 can now be used outside of Foundation? Is this correct?

Yes, that is correct

There never was a stand-alone version of SEO helper v1, it’s was(and still is) part of the Foundation suite.

I agree, a few detailed documentation pages would be very much appreciated. There is a lot that is still confusing to me and some basic things I simply cannot get to work (like the sitemap thing… getting error messages in Google Search Console, while following the RW demo project.)

I totally missed this post… You are correct. I have a side project that I am actively working on moving entire doc portal. I didn’t add SEO Helper page because I was trying not to have to do that work twice. It should take me a few more weeks.

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I was able to get the first SEO Helper training video done today.


I didn’t realise the duplicate page checker was in SEO2!! I thought what was only Foundation.

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Yep! It’s a feature that I thought non-Foundation users could really benefit from.

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I released 2 new stacks into SEO Helper today…


Hi @joeworkman. I’ve started trying out the new SEO Helper in an existing site. I’ve disabled Social Tags under the General preferences, removed any meta tags under site wide code, removed all meta tags, descriptions etc. on each page but I’m still getting the “Duplicate Meta Tags” window on every page. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks.

Did you watch the meta tags video (linked above)?

Hi Joe, Does this also handle 301 Redirects?

I am working on a SEO overhaul, and there are some organic legacy traffic from old non-existent pages. I am looking for something that functions similar to the WP plugin Quick 301 Redirect WordPress Plugin (https://premio.io/downloads/quick-301-redirects/)

I did already check out InStacks Redirect stack, but that requires you place the redirect on the old/published pages (which do not exist online anymore).


Do redirects in your .htaccess file, best way fewest hops. Most Cpanel’s have a easy way to add them.


Yes, twice.

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This first link gets a bad gateway error.

That is what I ended up doing. I found a “Page to Page 301 Redirect Generator for Htaccess” form online here (https://www.aleydasolis.com/htaccess-redirects-generator/page-to-page/).

This seems to work OK, just a bit pokey if you have a bunch. thanks!