Preserve backward compatibility

Please, gentlemen, programmers, please preserve backward compatibility for future interim updates RapidWeaver and possibly also for jumps versions. The non-backward compatibility between versions 7.0.4 and 7.1.x has really been detrimental to users … especially when you see the many bugs experienced by us all and reference here on the forum.

Thank you !..

Otherwise, with the 7.1.4 version, I did not encounter any particular problem and thank you, even if the use of RapidWeaver is always for me a little stressful! … Despite increased software performance ( whaou! … ;-)), I always have in mind the pitfalls that I fell, above.

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My simple answer to this problem is to find the RW file and duplicate it from the Finder, then open the new duplicated version in the latest version of RW. If you encounter problems and need to revert to an earlier version of RW you still have the original RW project made in that version.

Yes, Dave, that’s the way to go in the current situation, but still, I concur with the original poster.

Changing app’s filing system is understandable when the major OS upgrade happens and it imposes new rules for 3rd party software makers. Every software developer on the planet prepares a major upgrade of their software for that occasion. Except Real Mac Software, who introduces new filing system and inner workings in the middle between major versions. That causes a lot of confusion and inconvenience, especially for newer users. And that’s the reason why RMS can never catch up with bug elimination.