Update to RW 7.1 messed up my project

(Franz Rathmair) #1

I used to save new versions of RW separately (after the issues with the upgrade from v.5 to 6, keeping the former one. But today I was careless and installed 7.1over 7.0.4. It crashed. Deleted it and installed 7.0.4 from TimeMachine - doesn’t start. Copied working version of 7.0.4. from second backup and it starts. But it begins uploading in the background and is not working as it used to. :-((

I will get it working again, but I will not trust new versions in the future.


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Sounds like there is an issue with the saved versions, why not get it from here:

Scroll down and you will find older versions of RapidWeaver.

(Franz Rathmair) #3

Thanks, I tried that and it worked. Then, I tried again the version 7.1.1 (separately installed, not over the old 7.0.4 version as before) - same behavior: When opening a project RW begins to export, can’t be stopped except by forcing it. I am giving up right now to try the new version.

(Gary Wann) #4

Major issues when trying to preview my sites in RW Version 7.1.1 (18323). RW either crashes as the preview starts to build on the screen, or just freezes with a spinning beachball.

If I deselect ‘Render PHP on local preview’ then I don’t get the crash, but obviously I get a lot of raw code showing in the preview.

Ah, just got an email from Dan after my bug report:

‘We’l be releasing RapidWeaver 7.1.2 later today, this will fix this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.’

(Gary Wann) #5

Downloaded v7.1.0 again and everything is back to normal. Will await v7.1.2

(Martin Hughes) #6

Same here. I just lost a couple of hours work. Updated to 7.1.3 and when saving I lost my licence keys to Rapidweaver and Stacks. Gutted.