Help? Two RW versions - one Mac

Hello to anyone out there who might be able/willing to answer a couple of questions/help,

I’ve been a RW user since RW4 but have never had two versions on the same computer. I have installed currently, RW 6.3.8 on my MBP - I only have a few additional plug-ins installed (Stacks3, Waterfall, Pluskit and EasyTube Gallery) and one additional theme (Foundation). I have purchased the upgrade for RW7 (DL but not installed ATM). My questions are (One I now know the answer to):

  1. Can I have both RW6 and RW7 installed on the same Mac? YES
  2. If (when) I install RW7 is it okay to re-install the plug-ins separately - I.e. reinstall Stacks3 into RW7 (right-click and open with RW7?). The same for Foundation.
  3. Can I use RW6 projects in RW7? NO - different file format.

The reason I want to do it this way is so that I can keep the current projects alive in RW6 (while trying to recreate them in RW7) - I did this with RW5 on my elderly MBP while recreating in RW6.

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and Cheers,


See following post:

I have one question that regard…
Rudimentary new site (in my case, 8 days old) - done in version 6… Great.

Except porting that to version 7 to continue is still the issue, isn’t it?
Syncing the exported folder into version 7 would have been a little more useful information.

You can use RW 6 projects in RW7, but you can’t go the other way.

I haven’t tried this yet: but the one video indicates you could publish to a folder & ftp to your server.
Can’t you then reacquire the folder using version 7, or does this formatting get in the way?

I’m not totally sure using that method how things would work. I was more thinking that you can open a RW6 project file from your computer in RW7, but you can’t open a RW7 project file in RW6.