Prevent visitors from right clicking and copy text

I’d like to be able to prevent users from right-clicking and copying text.

I know that an advanced user can find a way to copy text, but I am looking for a basic prevention tool that will deter the basic user from copying text.

What about this code:


Is there a way to make this code apply to every

or tag on a RW site?

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Here’s a stack for that:

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Thanks for the reference.

I tried pasting this code in the following (one-by-one):


of Code in RW 7 but it doesn’t appear to work.

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In case of protecting text – wouldn’t that unintentionally prevent viewers from clicking on links?

I’m not sure, but that’s a good question.

No. Clicking links is not controlled by using the context menu.

I just made an experiment with the Protector stack (S4S) which protects both images and text. After I placed some text including links inside that stack, links became unclickable. Even the cursor did not change to indicate that it hovered over links.

P.S. However, Protector is no longer supported and can only be found in the archive of S4S, so, I guess, my argument is not valid…

Protector stack layers a transparent GIF image over the content. So when you are clicking the content, you are actually clicking the GIF image and not the visible content layered underneath.

I discontinued Protector stack because few people used it and it doesn’t stop someone just screen grabbing the content or getting to it via the page source code. But the same protection method still remains an option in ImageWizard, for induvidual photographs.

In all honesty, back to the OP question, disabling right-click (or similar functionality) is a really dangerous and stupid thing to do in public facing websites. A lot of Internet Explorer and Edge users on Windows right-click to navigate within a page or back to the previous page - so removing this ability will land you with numerous complaints that your website is “broken”.

Additionally there are probably legal issues at stake, if a disabled person arriving at your website is blocked from right-clicking a block of content and having their screen reader software read it aloud. Don’t underestimate how many people use assistive technologies for web browsing - and this includes simple tools like double clicking or tapping to change text sizes.

If you are that concerned about people copying your content, then either don’t publish it online to begin with or put it behind a paywall / firewall and require membership access to view it. :slight_smile: