Rapidweaver 7 photo album - do not copy pictures

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Hi, I have a website with many photo albums, created using Rapidweaver standard photo album … it is any chance to stop people copying my pictures using right click on a picture from my photo albums ? Thanks in advance!

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I’m not aware of a way to do that with the RW photo album, but I don’t use it.

There’s the Defender stack if you use Stacks, but you’d need to rethink what photo solution to use.

But even if you disable right click, people who know what they’re doing will always be able to download images.

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If I recollect right, galleries from @willwood, @instacks and @nickcates have options to disable “right-click”. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Besides that, there’s couple of general-use stacks that can be used for photos or text that have similar functionality (Will Woodgates’s Protector comes to mind).

However, these are just rudimentary protections against content thieves. There is no guaranteed method to prevent stealing your stuff from websites.

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No matter what you do in RW all people have to do is snap a screen shot to get the pic. Most web pics are low res anyway. Placing a pic as a background image stops drag and drop of the image I believe.

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I’m a professional photographer so have dealt with this directly as it affects my livelihood. The short answer is no. The longer answer is maybe, as in maybe you can make it a bit harder for them, but in the end there’s no way to stop thieves in this digital universe.

I worked out my response/actions thru this thought process.

  1. Why am I putting a pix up? If you think about what you’re trying to do, it will give you some guidelines on how to act. In my case I decided that I wasn’t trying to sell anything via the web. People really don’t seem to buy art that way. Not sure why. Most of my sales come via prints often framed prints. So, for me, it was part advertising and part just adding something nice to the digital neighborhood. Sort of like introducing myself to anyone passing by.

  2. How much effort do you want to spend hindering the theft of your images? As I noted earlier, there really isn’t anyway to prevent pirating digital work. That’s a fact. It’s also a fact that even huge governments, like the US and China, etc., struggle with this type of thing on a far greater and more dangerous level.

I decided to put a tasteful watermark in the image - the same one I use when printing. It’s embedded in the code. Someone could either mask it or remove it, but that would take a bit of skill and work.

  1. Just how bad does it hurt me or more importantly, does it hurt me at all? It’s extremely unlikely that a guy who would rip the pix off would ever buy it, so you’ve lost nothing, at least nothing monetary. It’s the old and well demonstrated truth about piracy be it programs or videos. Those who steal it are unlikely to have ever bought it, so it’s just a “paper” loss.

  2. How does this make me feel, or more to the point, what real affect does it have on me? Frankly as I thought it over it really doesn’t harm me. So some jerk ripped off a digital poster on the way by - I just shrug and remember the old saying, Theft is the sincerest from of flattery.

My current approach is to put images up relatively small and at low resolution. I always add a humorous line to the effect, If you’re going to steal this, at least give me credit!

Probably not what you wanted to hear but I hope it helps anyway.

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