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Building a site in RW6 using navigator theme from elixir graphics. Everything going great. had a previous site built in RW 5. Lock down was a plug-in I used. However I copy and pasted from a stylized text page that was above lockdown so it should not have been affected. However since copying the text from the RW5 file and pasting it as plain text in the RW6 the last two pages on my site have an authentication pop-up window that appears. (See image attached). I deleted those pages and was just going to re-dictate the text. I re-created 2 additional pages that are named differently and the user authentication pop-up window continues to be displayed. I deleted those pages and created pages just under the homepage thinking maybe it was a position issue, similar to what would be seen with lockdown, but that doesn’t change anything. so right now on the site the page labeled “who can use copy” and the "FAQQQQ I didn’t hit any other switches or buttons or otherwise aware of.



Have you tried duplicating a page (as Styled Text) from one that does not exhibit the odd behaviour; putting the content in; then deleting those that do?

thanks mark for reply
just so i am clear, are you suggesting to:
duplicate a page that works and re-paste the info that i think corrupted, republish and see if it occurs on those duplicated pages?

PS. it also obviously never occurs within rapid weaver, only after i publish it


I’m not familiar with your circumstances; and your PS makes me think that this may be a case for RM themselves.

But - I’m wondering whether a standard troubleshooting routine might work: if there is something in the structure (leftover code from LockDown; an incompatibility etc) of the pages which is causing the behaviour you’re describing, then to Duplicate the structure a page in RW which works and populate it with neutral content (you’d select it all, copy it to your clipboard, then paste it matching the style - or even copy it into a BBEdit or a TextWrangler to rid it of any formatting etc) will isolate whether the phenomenon is connected with the page/page type; or with the content itself.


Something else to try: what happens when you RENAME one of the pages which is causing the trouble: could it be that LockDown (or similar) retain the authentication request for certain files by name? If you duplicate a page and/or rename one, maybe that would sidestep that?