Preventing images from being copied

Hi, Wondering if there is a simple way of ‘locking’ an image that prevents it from being dragged/ copy-pasted off the website? (Using Cartloom…)

Here’s a stack for this:

Can this be used in conjunction with Cartloom as all my digital images are in my Cartloom store.

If you sell digital pictures, you really should look into other options. When you display an image in the internet, it can be copied with simple technics, everyone is able to do so.

You should more look into watermarking your preview pictures and selling the originals.

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Thanks for the advice. I have come across some sites that have been able to retain clear preview images, but drag & drop or any selection is disabled. Will check out protect and see if it’s what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

Yes… watermarking… as someone can always simply take a screenshot of pics. Of course, screenshots are low res (but still useful.)

If finding uses of your pics is really important and you have the time, you can use tools like Googles image search to find uses of your image. Submit a pic to google and they return instances of the pic. Select “images” on top right next to Gmail and your account icon at Click the camera icon to submit your image to search for. (Upload image or provide the URL)

I agree with @instacks and @1611mac, don’t get me wrong, Protect looks good, it prevents the drag and drop and right clicking, but that is just for the novice person out there. Anyone who REALLY wants your images, are going to get them. All you have to do is look in the code and anyone with any web experience will be able to do this and still get your images. Leave a URL to one of those sites, I am sure anyone here can get them.

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Nick has a great stack that does it too…

Photo is a great stack, but does not prevent (at least on the page you link) right click download image option, nor does it protect against looking in the code for the image. Again, not trashing Protect stack nor Photo stack, just think there is NO WAY in stopping someone in this day in age from grabbing your images if they want and have the drive to learn.


As Robert(@zeebe) said, you can have “right-Click” or “drag n’ drop” protection but it won’t stop people taking your images. It might make it a little less convenient for the thief but not much. On most browsers cmd+option+i opens the inspector or developer tools. From there you can “grab” anything that’s displayed.


You can get clever with a watermark… add glossy look as an example.

Better use a photologo, e.g. like this: and other ones. I think this is the best way to protect your images…

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