I really need help - Strange errors after upgrade to RW7

Can someone help me? It’s a really bad situation for me, I can not work with Rapidweaver.

I need help about this error that happens when I click the Preview mode. Do you know what’s the cause?

Take in mind that:

  • Yesterday I did a new clean installation of macOS High Sierra
  • Today I did the upgrade to Rapidweaver 7 (so I installed the latest version)
  • Then I imported all addons from a Rapidweaver 6 stored on a Time Machine disk backup
  • The original RW6 project works correctly.

In addition, on a project whit only Email stack on RW7 returns also this error:

This errors may be due to the fact that some addons I have recovered them from the Time Machine backup disk and that the project files were from Rapidweaver 6?

From when I installed RW7 I have more errors.

Can someone help me to fix this serious problem?


Don’t know about all else but you don’t “export” (publish) Emails. The stack provides you the email code and and plain text version to put into whatever email tool you use (Constant contact, aWeber, MailChimp, etc. Why are you trying to “export” email??? (If I’m reading he error msg correctly) -

I’m not exporting anything. The error message, both in the first case described above and in the second (Email stack) occurs when I click the “Preview” (and not selecting “Export Site”) button.
The Preview mode is obviously indispensable in order to see what is being accomplishedbut with these errors I can not view the preview and so I can not use Rapidweaver.
It’s really frustrating, so I can not work!

I apologize then. I saw “export” in the error msg so I assumed that was the function being used.

If you start a new project using the default RW theme and a simple styled text page with one line of text in it does it work?

And you have checked your add-ons folder for proper setup? RW7 add-ons folder location is different than that that of RW6. To show the add-ons folder hit Cmd-Opt-7. All your plugins and stacks should show there.

If you have checked to make sure your add-ons are in the right place, and your stacks and plug-ins seem to be OK (you can see them in the library), would need a bit more info to help out
Does the error(s) happen on every page?
Do you have problems with a new project, new page in the preview?

The first error looks to be a PHP error, happening on a cookies policy page. Without seeing the code on the page, it would be hard to say.
The second error, what is the email stack your using?

Hi guys,

I think I’ve just solved the problem. In practice I have manually re-installed every single stack of the Email stack package, right click on “Show Package Content” for both the theme and stacks.
And now it seems to work. Installation by clicking the main package file does not work on my computer, I do not know what the reason is.

I always install all plugins and stacks manually. Like you, if I let RW install my computer would always “hang” on the “restart” after the install and even after a re-start I had problems. All my issues have gone away since I started installing everything manually.

I agree. And not just with the Stack e-mail packet, I’ve repeated the installation, by each single stack, also of all other stack packages as well, like Foundry, Easy CMS, etc.

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