Preview mode is going nuts in RW 6

Hi. I just opened RW 6 today and it asked me to update STACKS which I did. Then I opened a project file and all seemed well. Next I chose PREVIEW to get out of EDIT mode and then things went crazy. The “Exporting page” popdown window just kept popping down over and over again, every half second, no stopping. It didn’t matter which page I chose.

Any suggestions about how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

*I do have RW 7 but haven’t installed yet. I’m running High Sierra.

Thank you,

I don’t know if it is a stacks, RW version combo (if you’ve had things working properly before) but RW 6 and High Sierra don’t play nicely. Rapid Weaver 6 and High Sierra?

RW 7 has lots of great features (the project backup option is a pretty huge addition on it’s own), are you needing to stick with RW6 for any reason?

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Hi Jason,

Well I guess it’s time to move over to RW 7 then. Just was hoping for a good chunk of time to do so. Guess I’ll just jump in and hope for the best. Thanks for the article and the info about High Sierra and RW6.

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