Price of a website?

Hello there. Whats the near price for ready RW website? The thing is that I like RW and how it works, but as English isn’t my first language I found it quite difficult to understand how all the things and features organized in RW, especially when some bug will happen. Instead of spending tons of time and $$ to learn I would better give it to someone who already done this. For now I just want to know ±price of finished site (landing with blog page) with these:

  • I provide theme and texts
  • need it on EasyCMS
  • hosting on ChilliDog
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I want to buy a car? I have a garage, the car should be red and I fill up the tank once a week. What‘s the price of the car?

Give me an advice how properly “to ask”

Describe your project in detail, then we have a chance to answer.

With the Information you gave us, you can get a website for € 300 or for € 300.000

I have skills to describe personality by face characteristics and outlook like clothing, colors, accessories etc. But no idea how design for this idea have to look like or what blocks I need there. Definitely it has to be in near 5 different languages, few right images with description of diagnostic possibilities, contact form with file upload feature, built on AURA THEME. So nothing difficult, it will just take too long to build it myself.

What a disgusting way to speak to someone asking for help - let alone a potential customer.

This is a part of the forum that Realmac have set up to help people wanting to use their software to make a living, not for you to make smart arsed comments and put people off.


Dear Yaro,

when it comes to prizes, it’s always difficult to put it right if you don’t have a complete briefing. This said you can take a peek here. I often make websites in more languages. Things can get complex depending on what you need to be translated. Only text? Or images per language as well?



Much more helpful and deserving of business.


Only text to translate. How much is a website like you linked in comment? Not exact amount, just to understand its design value

Dear Yaro,

the website I linked is a one page website (plus a blog) but was quite complex to build as I put my portfolio in mega modals (full page popups) and made it in 3 languages. I try to keep my price competitive to what other webdesigners ask in France. The rates at the bottom of the linked site should give you a fair idea of the cost.

But I will need a detailed briefing before I can give you an accurate price.



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Alright) Thanks anyway, I am now little informed about all this)

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@Bazza , I agree. This forum is built to help users solve issues and problems. This only works if everyone respects one another.


Hi Yaro,
What is your first language? Si es español, te puedo ayudar. Just let me know.

Hey. Ukrainian

Ok. Have you solve your problem?

Yeah actually. I thought that I have to know how RW works and its possibilities as my project is long term and gonna need upgrades later on. So I decided to build it myself.

Btw I have new quest now. I purchased Foundry to build website on AURA theme, but then suddenly found info that it’s stacks work only on their Foundry theme. It’s quite unexpected…

Yes, the Foundry stacks can only be used with their Foundry theme. But that theme is supposed to be able to recreate any other themes. You’ll need to buy the other packs from Foundry for the best experience and ease though. It’s a one time purchase so it was worth it for me.

I understand, Foundry is a good investment. But by a word “theme” I would say not the content look and position, it’s about header animations with lots of changes can be made in Master Style section (Multithemes AURA).

I’d bet Foundry can do almost everything AURA theme does and more. Maybe try the support forum of Foundry? The developer is quite active there.
And the Foundry theme is more like a blank slate, for you to do anything you want on it, it’s not a template.

I think I found a solution, its animation made by Hype stack. Now need to buy and learn it.

Edited: there is a bit different way how to build it but still possible)