Multiple currency payments

(Scott Frankel) #1

Hi all,
I want to try and setup a payment system so that I can receive payments in various currencies; AUD, GBP, Euro specifically. This is my first exploration into e-commerce and not sure how to receive payments in various currencies. I didn’t really want to setup payments using US $ but would like to offer payments and prices in my customers local currency.

I am using RapidCart Pro with Stripe or PayPal payments but also have PayLoom.

Any suggestions or how to would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Scott

(Michael Frankland) #2

Thanks Scott

Not sure how best to do this. Usually you have to set a base currency for your cart. Those users can pay in their local currency and it gets converted to your base currency and lands in your Stripe / PayPal account.

But having a store with options to pay in multiple currencies is most likely not possible. An alternative would be to show the price in a few currencies using a realtime currency convertor and add a message like "this is a guide and billed in " (where is your base currency)

Hope that helps

(Scott Frankel) #3

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply, yes I have searched and tried a few things but it does seem very difficult to achieve.

Are you aware of a real time currency converter stack or how I can do this if no stacks around?


(Michael Frankland) #4

Yeah it might be @scottjf

Not sure if there is a Stack around but you could do it in PHP:

My good friend at did it on his checkout here ( as he wanted to show his non USD customers a rough guide of what the price would be but it wasn’t easy to setup.

Hope this helps!