Print out clean pages

Dear fellow Rapidwaever users

Is it possible to turn of headers, side bar, extra content when you print out pages so you can print out a clean page. I’m not only referring to stack pages.


Bardur Sigurgeirsson

I don’t know from personal experience, but this might work:

Depends on the theme being used. There are themes out there that include dedicated printer stylesheets; which format text more appropriately and omit elements (like navigation bars and search boxes) which serve no purpose on printouts. Typically these themes will always give much better print and PDF output.

It is possible to go a step further and hide other elements in the page (like sidebars) using custom CSS code. Something like this:

@media print {
    #aside {
        display: none !important;
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I use the Doobox Print This 2 stack which appears to do the same sort of thing. Definitely works but obviously involves selecting what you want to be printable on each page and using the print icon from the stack rather than command-P. Also only works on Stacks pages.

Oh good point about Stacks-only pages. Didnt think about that.