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hi all, anyone here experienced my trouble too?
when I open a project, everything is fine. hwr, when I click to another page of the same project, the content in page side bar would disappeared. even I click to other page, there is nothing in the sidebar. unless I close the project and reopen it, the sidebar content come up again. but the same, when I click to another page, the contents gone again.

any comment to solve it?

If I understand correctly, you want to have the same content in the sidebar on every page?

If it were me and I was using Stacks I’d create the sidebar content and then use Joe Workman’s Houdini stack to move everything into the sidebar. Turn the whole lot into a partial and then re-use it on every page. That way when you make a change it’ll change in all the instances of the partial.


There have been isolated reports on these forums of a bug in RapidWeaver that can cause sidebar content to vanish and reappear again after a restart.

You might want to check you are using the latest version of RapidWeaver, in case this has already been fixed.

If problems persist, contact Realmac Software support with a copy of your project file, and press them for a response. Unfortunately it is not likely to be something any of us can help with.

You also have the choice of two sidebar types - styled text and HTML code. So you will want to ensure the correct one is selected, in the Page Inspector. Click the little cog button at the bottom right to toggle between styled text or HTML.

Following on from what @robbeattie says, does your chosen theme have ExtraContent areas in the sidebar region?

If so, the easiest and cheapest option (without needing to buy extra addons) would be to use the ExtraContent snippet in Settings > Code > Body to setup the content you want shown on every page. For example, your address or social media links.

Or if you are using the Stacks page type for these pages, combine an ExtraContent stack with the functionality of Partials to let you clone the same content over multiple pages.

If you are not sure if your theme has ExtraContent support, ask the developer. They can also provide you the documentation for using ExtraContent and the free stacks or code snippets.

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