Creating different sections in one page

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to rid the dust from my rapidweaver software and trying to get the hang of it again.

Can I get advice please on how I can section off different parts of the web page. For example the first section up top left I want to have body text, the section section on the top right would be a html link from another page and the third section down the bottom would be a media player.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Michael,
This post has a lot to it and I’m not quite sure of the details of your scenario, additional info would be helpful.

  1. Are you using a specific theme?

  2. Are you using a “framework” such as foundation or foundry etc.

3 do you have an image, or example, of what you wish to produce?

Rest assured one can do virtually anything they wish within rapidweaver and there is a great community here to help.

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Hello Dan,
Thank you for your reply and support.

I only want to use a Blank theme which allows for background colour change and variable width as this will be embedded into our GPS tracking platform.

I am not aware of any “framework” stack/snippet, I apologise.

To paint a virtual picture;

I want to have a URL which has it’s own video player on the top right of the page. On the left of that, I want to have a text box which will have the instructions on how to use the contents of the page.
Underneath the aforementioned sections, I want to have one which will sit the Playlist and Media player, which I have started a topic on within this forum.

There are many ways to accomplish what you wish. In my opinion the best way would be to buy the Stacks plug-in (if you don’t already have it). Then grab one of the many blank themes that are available (a google for rapidweaver blank themes will yield plenty). Then grab some stacks (the bits that work with the stacks plug-in) to section your page off as you wish. There are many stack bits that can do this. I like using sections pro from big white duck. They have a project file that is easy to reverse engineer and learn. Of the top of my head I think the project file actually has a page divided as you wish…one could copy and paste that layout into their own. Best of luck.

Hello Dan,

Thank you for this information and thank you again for your support.

This is bringing the 2 year product development a lot closer to completion - many thanks

Thank you again

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