Print section of webpage in rapid weaver

Hi There,

I tried several stacks but nothing really works for me or the browsers student use.

i want to let students print a section of a webpage that’s not shown on the page itself by pressing a button.

any ideas how I can do this with html/ java or something else?

Have you tried PrintBox ?

These notes from the page may be of interest:

Browser compatibility
Print buttons are hidden from view on Android, webOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod and BlackBerry devices. Additionally if a web browser has Javascript disabled, the print buttons will again get hidden from view. PrintBox has been tested and confirmed to work in IE10, IE11 and the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox. It may well work in older versions of Internet Explorer and other web browsers too. The underlying source code has purposefully been kept as simple as possible; and we avoid doing things like trying to force content to open in popups, new windows or tabs (which can often be blocked).

Browser bugs
Beware that every web browser has its own ways of interpreting the window.print(); Javascript function. There may often be inconsistencies in how the print window is displayed and what actually gets printed. Safari is by far the buggiest web browser for printing, and will sometimes do odd things like failing to display images in your printouts if the website has an SSL certificate or printing content with no styling applied (even when printing from the File menu). There is no method to fix these issues - they are all browser bugs. The best you can do is to send feedback and wait for certain browser vendors to catch-up to the same level as the rest.

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yes I tried that one and it is pretty good, I think it’s the best there is but… it doesn’t work in chrome for me. I pull some data from a database and in chrome it’s not showing with paintbox

Perhaps @willwood Will can advise you as to whether there is a solution or workaround for your problem.

I use Print This 2 from Doobox and I have had no problem on the usual Mac desktop browsers and iOS. The printer icons are not hidden on any of my devices and do work - although if the theme has a background or backdrop colour (even when not visible) this will print in iOS devices. However, I’m not sure Doobox still sell it so maybe there were difficulties. I’m about to use it quite heavily on a new site so will test this more thoroughly.

Will answered instantly, so that was great support. the problem is that the stack and my theme do not like each other.

Print this works but is not flexible about the print button. the style is not consistent with the rest of my site. I would like a button and hide the content. both not possible. I ask support for a couple of weeks ago, still no answer… and indeed on the site the stack is not showing anymore… no support… I believe