Priority load of MagicGellan2 stack in Foundation

Is there a way to set a priority for the MagicGellan2 stack to load before any other stack?

Since I created my menus using MagicGellan2 stack, my menu bar does not load fast enough and as a result, all the css headers and text load first, without any menu bar. The menu bar eventually loads once the images have loaded but by then its a bit too late.

Any ideas as to how I can tell foundation to load MagicGellan2 stack before any others?

As a workaround I am using the foundation site preloader. Likewise, I am working on making the upload times for my images more efficient, but I would still like the menu bar to load before all the images and css content.

As a side note, will the pageloader stack help in this case or does foundation already have that feature built in?

Please see the answer I gave when you asked this question on the BWD g+ area.

I did and I appreciate the response but ! didn’t understand the answer therefore I am asking others if the know how to prioritize or have used pageloader stack. I am interested in finding out for other stacks too.

Sorry, I thought you had missed it. If you want to send in a support email I am more than happy to go through it with you in more detail. In general though, it may be advantageous for you to enable the Foundation loader as the page is loading images and the javascript components.

Thanks!, Ill try that.


I am having a problem with magicgelan, When using portuguese characters links do not work, if i use the Ç or ç, or À Á ã Ã basically additional accentuation symbols in Portuguese language, links do not work.

Any help is welcome.

For exemple, I need a menu item Serviços, but the link only works if I put Servicos without the Ç. Thats services in portuguese.


Are you putting those characters in the Menu Text setting and not the into the marker id? (id’s should only be standard characters)

By all means send in a support ticket if you are still having problems.

Using the auto option.

I will look into it, and send a support ticket.