Problem with custom link attributes

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I have some links that open in a new window. I select “Open in a new window” and the rel=“external” attribute is populated automatically.

This is an text stack internal link and should not have rel=“external” attribute:
<a href="page2/" rel="external" title="Page 2" target="_blank">Page 2</a>

When I remove the rel=“external” attribute, I lose the target="_blank" attribute and the link opens in the same window:
<a href="page2/" rel="external" title="Page 2" target="_blank">Page 2</a>

This is an text stack external link and should have rel=“external” attribute:
<a href="" rel="external" title="Google website" target="_blank">Google</a>

When I add “nofollow” to an external link, I lose the target="_blank" attribute again:
<a href="" rel="external nofollow" title="Google website">Google</a>

This is with a Button Plus Stack. It’s almost there but the target attribute is incomplete:
<a role="button" href="" class=" button b-p hov-target right custom not-vault round custom-shape" target="" rel="external me nofollow"><span class="bp-text">More Info...</span></a>

Does anyone else have this issue, and can the folks at Realmac take a look?


(Joe Workman) #2

The link tool in RW adds this attribute when you want to open a link in a new tab. This is because the link will be opened external to the current window. What is your concern with having this?

(Carl Newlands) #3

The problem is that RW won’t allow “nofollow” to links that open in a new tab, because the attribute gets overwritten with rel=“external”.

When I change it to rel=“external nofollow”, the link no longer opens in a new tab, because the target attribute gets screwed up.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #4

What if you add the target property by yourself?

(Carl Newlands) #5

RW complains and won’t allow it.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #6

Sss… not nice.

The default theme JavaScript looks for rel=“external” and adds the target property at runtime on client side.

I guess you would have to mimik that and add custom JavaScript to get the same result when you have a rel=“external nofollow” property.

Not at my Mac currently to send you the JavaScript therefore unfortunately…

(Carl Newlands) #7

I rewrote all my social links with custom html and used font awesome 5 svg code for the icons :slightly_smiling_face:

This issue needs to be addressed in the software though.

(Carl Newlands) #8

Here’s a workaround for the RW link tool.

Choose URL, and type it in like this, leaving the " off the beginning and end:" rel="nofollow" target=_blank

Make sure Open in New Window is not selected.


Save, publish, and all is good :slight_smile:

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Google Website">Google</a>

(Gary) #9

I really hope that Realmac address (no pun intended) this ASAP in RW7 with an update soon.

(Carl Newlands) #10

@dan can you take a look at this?

(Dan) #11

We’re looking into this now, and will get it fixed in a future update!

(Gary) #12

In RW7? …

(Dan) #13

Not sure yet, it may only be part of the v8 release (as we’re 100% focused on shipping that asap). However, we may back-port it in the future. In the meantime you can use the workaround, or simple write out the HTML.


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