Custom Attributes

Please could someone point me to a reference source for a comprehensive list of custom attributes?

Of all the clever things RW does, it relies heavily on a level of knowledge to set these links which tests my limited abilities.


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Good question, already been asked and answered on the forums, see here

Thanks Robert I had discovered that particular thread as I was posting this question, but it seems to me that the coverage on that page was rather โ€˜thinโ€™ as Iโ€™ve come across a number of custom attribute solutions passed to me by stack developers to make their stuff work, and nothing like thatโ€™s covered that I can see anywhere.

As an example I had help from Will Woodgate with his pro gallery stack over how to set a trigger for a slideshow. The resulting attribute looked like this:

I would never have figured that kind of thing out.

This is something that is specific to a stack though, not anything general that a person who is not using that stack needs. Not sure there is a list anywhere out there with all of these specific attributes.

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Thanks again Robert.