External links set to open in new window instead open in same window?

On this page, all the blue highlighted links are set to URL > Open in new window. But they all open in the same window, switching users away from my site. This functionality worked fine in my existing site, but not in this new one I’m building. Is this a problem with the Theme? What is going wrong?

No its not a theme issue, just tried it and the :target="_blank" is not there, just a "rel=external" when you select the open in new window. Is this something new in RW7?

I really need somebody to make this simple for me. I have a link to a resource (PDF) and I want it to open in a new window. For the first time when using RapidWeaver I find it not working as expected. I click the ‘open in new window’ option when selecting the resource. However it opens in the same window. How do I fix this to open in a new window … … please? Thanks in great anticipation!

In my case, it turned out to be a theme issue. I was using the Iris theme from Nick Cates, and he rapidly turned around a version that fixed the problem.

Hi Philip - thank you for the clue! I am using the Nick Cates ‘Strata’ theme - I am now in touch with them re this issue though I suspect they will be enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday at the moment. If I get resolution I will post here again.